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DIGISKA established in Sweden in 2019, the team’s experience in this field is more than 15 years in several major corporations in different Digital domains such as designing and programming websites and applications, managing social media accounts, planning and drawing strategies and conducting a study on the market and competitors, in addition to long experience in the field of paid advertising in its various forms, whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat as well as Google ads.
Added to all of that the experience in the field of printed and visual advertising design, In addition to creating commercial identities, transforming products to 3D products by recreating the entire product and converting it to a three dimensional form and spin it 360 degrees, with the possibility of dismantling and installation of the product professionally, also added the experience in the field of designing advertising videos, and Motion Graphics videos in all forms in addition to 2D, 3D, 4D videos.



When you work in e-marketing, designing, programming, social networks, in addition to e-campaigns, you must have a unique name that distinguishes you, part of it belongs to what the business, and the other part bearing the character of the country where the company is located.
Here in Sweden, most language names end in SKA for example:
If I want to say English I will say: Engleska
Arabic : Arabiska
Swedish: Svenska
And so for most of the world’s languages, so we said as long as we talk all the time about digital, why don’t we invent a language of for it and call it Digiska and This is the reason for the naming, to assure to our customers that we will provide them with a distinctive digital services package, using the most powerful language of our time, the digital language.

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