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Search engines optimization service (SEO)


SEO and websites archiving

SEO is an e-marketing method and considered a very important part of the e-marketing service that DIGISKA Company provides. It makes your website appears at the top of the search results in search engines like (Google).
  • Determining how compatible the website is and preparing a comprehensive study and great marketing service.
  • Improving your activity as we study the services and products that you provide. And we study your competitors to set an excellent e-marketing plan to get the best results so your website appears on Google search.
  • Detecting problems and potential consequences when working in the website, if it appears on search engines results or needs to be changed.
  • Lowering your website rank in Alexa.
search engine optimization
  • Setting you website and adding it to Bing and Webmaster Google supervisors.
  • Adding the website to search engines: (Google, Bing and Yahoo).
  • Continuous publishing on the website and displaying the products and the services you provide.
  • Designing pictures for the website in high quality.
  • Adding the website to Google Analytics to follow your daily visits.
  • Adding a sitemap so search engines recognizes the sitemap.
  • Adding Robots files to get search engines spiders to your website.
  • Publishing in forms and back linking all links of the website.
  • Increasing your website visitors and your sales greatly.
  • Better communicating with the clients.
  • Content managing, website managing, following Google updates periodically and following what your visitors are interested in inside your website.
  • Creating paid advertising on Google ADWord and Facebook to get website visitors.
  • Sending a monthly report on page rank, statistics and website reports.
  • We also examine programming problems in the website and work on improving them for SEO.
There are more special additions in the marketing plan for our clients that we provide with the service to meet their needs and provide all their requirements in the page or the website. You can order e-marketing service and inquire about the price by leaving your data below and you will be contacted as soon as possible. We seek your satisfaction and we hope you will like our service.