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Social Media Marketing Services (SMM)

Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Linkedin - Snapchat - Youtube - Tiktok .. etc

Social Media Marketing Services (SMM)

Digiska provides the following on social media (SMM):

1. Creating pages by the name of your company and commercial activity on the most famous social networks (Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Youtube – and any other website you want).
2. Creating attractive content continuously on all pages.
3. Managing all pages daily or weekly as requested.
4. Designing pictures, videos and audio-visual content with high quality.
5. Best targeting of public who are interested in your field and business.
6. Spreading you brand widely.
7. Replying on comments and messages and increasing interaction on the pages.
8. Analyzing competetors pages and surrpassing them.
9. Continous development and proving your competence between competitors through all social media outlets.
10. Creating weekly and monthly statistics on the page and sending them to you.

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